Hose sheathing product's strengths
                    2015/2/8 22:03:49

                    Hose jacket is mounted on a hose, the hose is used to protect the product. Application in industry among the most widely used.

                    In addition to general hose jacket is mounted on the hose, the wires, cables and other products are also used outside, of course, is to protect these products.

                    Externally mounted hose jacket hose, wire and cable products, not only can improve the aesthetics, but also can extend the life of the product inside.

                    Aesthetics is not the main purpose, the most important is to extend the life of the product. Hose jacket is able to enhance the main hydraulic hose, wire, cable and other interior products, wear-resistant, anti-static properties, in a variety of harsh environments such as the interior of the hydraulic hose products play a security role.